Putting the Pieces Together

What is Chiropractic?

Treatment is based on Chiropractic Philosophy that all living organisms are self-regulating and healing entities. Self-Regulations and Healing is done via the connection between the brain and the body. The Central Nervous System (CNS, the brain and spinal cord) extends out of the spine and connects to every aspect of the body through the Peripheral Nervous System. Any hindrance in this connection is due to "Subluxations" which affects Self-Regulation and Healing. Chiropractic therapy is designed in locating and removing subluxations with a specific force, restoring the body's optimal potential in Self-Regulation and Healing. This Promotes faster healing time and optimal health.

Note: Your Immune System is also a part of your Nervous System. Having a healthy spine promotes a healthier Nervous System which in effect promotes a healthier Immune System.


The Doctor

Dr. Choi graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. However, due to the powerful experience of chiropractic, he was inspired to go back to school and take courses in biological science to pursue a career in chiropractic.

In 1995, he enrolled in Life Chiropractic College West. Since graduating from Life West in 1999 with honors, Dr. Choi has been dedicated in providing chiropractic care to the community.

Dr. Choi is also Advanced Certified in Whiplash & Traumatology from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego. He has been working as an Expert Witness in the Field of Biomechanics since 2008. Being a Whiplash Bio mechanist, Dr. Choi brings a unique prospective in treating patients with spinal trauma.

In 2009, Dr. Choi attended Northwestern University CPS, where he was certified in Accident Reconstruction. There he learned the automotive collision mechanics and is capable of calculating the injury potential of motor vehicle collisions, auto v. bicycles, slip & falls, etc. (see Expert Witness tab for sample animations)


Scope of Practice

Chiropractic Treatments utilizing multiple techniques that is designed around the patient’s needs and comfort level from low force techniques such as Activator, Thompson Drop Table and SOT to osseous adjusting techniques like Diversified, Gonstead, and Knee Chest Upper Cervical and Toggle Upper Cervical Adjustments.

Physiotherapy in adjunct to Chiropractic Care using Cyro/Heat Therapy, Massage, Percussion, Electronic Stimulation, Infrared, Ultrasound, Trigger Point Therapy and Soft Tissue Therapy

Rehabilitation and Work Conditioning which includes instructing the patient on specific exercises and stretches that will maximize the treatment and get the patient well faster and prevent deconditioning

Biomechanical Taping procedures for sports and traumatic injuries that mimics tendons and ligaments and allows movement and functionality while supporting and allowing proper healing

Nutritional Consultation where we locate and identify the patient’s deficiencies and educate on which supplements will aid the patient’s health


First Visit

Call Atlas Health Clinic to schedule an appointment. Our friendly staff will schedule an appointment, usually on the same day.

We take great pride in patient friendly paperwork with minimal waiting time. Our paper work is brief and any of the assistants would be more than glad to help fill out the form if necessary.

Our intake form consists of patient information which takes no longer than a few minutes to fill out. All other information regarding medical history is done personally with the staff as part of the initial examination. This aids in limiting wait time and the confusion of filling out endless pages of paperwork.

Initial Exams consist of a comprehensive to focused examinations, x-rays (if necessary), and Electronic Diagnostic Measurements.

If the doctor feels that chiropractic therapy is necessary, treatment will commence on the initial visit day.


Personal Injury / Expert Witness

Atlas Health Clinic accepts motor vehicle collision (MVC), motorcycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, and any other personal injuries on LIEN.

Putting The Pieces Together!