Call Atlas Health Clinic to schedule an appointment. Our friendly staff will schedule an appointment, usually on the same day.

We take great pride in patient friendly paperwork with minimal waiting time. Our paper work is brief and any of the assistants would be more than glad to help fill out the form if necessary.

Our intake form consists of patient information which takes no longer than a minute to fill out. All other information regarding medical history is done personally with the staff as part of the initial examination. This aids in limiting wait time and the confusion of filling out endless pages of paperwork.

While filling out the intake form, the lounge is equipped with foot massagers, to help relieve doctor office anxiety.

Initial Exams consist of a detailed examination, x-rays (if necessary), and Electronic Diagnostic Measurements.

If the doctor feels that chiropractic therapy is necessary, treatment will commence on the initial visit day.

Our friendly staff speaks: English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, and Thai.